Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright

Chicago, September 5, 1901

I returned from Denver this A.M. and have your letter of 2d.

The Secretary of the Society, and the Publication Committee are greatly pleased that you consent to giving the Western Society of Engineers a talk on the 18th. They wish to know:

1. What title to announce (one suggests "More gliding experiments," or "New gliding experiments").

2. If you will send your negatives to have slides made of such pictures as you want to show. We save 25 cts each when the negative is used instead of a photo.

3. May they make it "Ladies' night"?

You will have time to revise your paper after delivery, as the next issue of transactions comes out in October and the next after that in December. If portions are to be extempore, we will have a stenographer.

I also have yours of Aug. 29th and will answer that later.

Wilbur replies to Chanute, September 6, 1901