Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute

Dayton, September 6, 1901

Yours rec'd. I will send on the negatives at once. Please have them carefully handled and returned to me. It would be best to have only the parts shown on the prints I sent you copied. Some have defective or uninteresting edges and are better cut down.

I must caution you not to make my address a prominent feature of the programme as you will understand that I make no pretense of being a public speaker. For a title "Late Gliding Experiments" will do. As to the presence of ladies, it is not my province to dictate, moreover I will already be as badly scared as it is possible for man to be, so that the presence of ladies will make little difference to me, provided I am not expected to appear in full dress, &c.

Please inform me at once what the custom is as to the use of the stereopticon, whether pictures are shown during address, or only at its close, and whether it is practicable to use diagrams to illustrate points.

Chanute responds to Wilbur, September 8, 1901