Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute

Dayton, September 2, 1901

I have been rather puzzled to know what answer to make to your kind letter of Aug. 29th. After your kindness in interesting yourself in obtaining an opportunity to address this society, for me, I hardly see how to refuse, although the time set is too short for the preparation of anything elaborate or highly finished. If a brief paper of rather informal nature, with the enclosed pictures, will be sufficient to interest the members for a short time, I shall be glad to respond if desired on the 18th inst.

If it is decided to go ahead with it, I would be glad if you would furnish three or four of the clearest of the pictures you took at Kitty Hawk, and also pictures of Lilienthal's, Pilcher's and both types of your own machines.

Octave Chanute replies to Wilbur, September 5, 1901