Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute

Dayton, March 29, 1903

I have your letter of the 7th inst. giving some account of your visit to Capt. Ferber at Nice; also copy of L'Aerophile. It is very much to be regretted that suitable practice grounds are so difficult to find close at hand, by practical experimenters, like Capt. Ferber, yet I cannot help thinking that on the whole it is better to go far from home if necessary, rather than waste time on poor slopes at home, or impracticable substitutes. The pictures of his machines interested us very much. Considering the conditions under which it is necessary for him to work he has evidently succeeded very well indeed. His nerve is unquestionable. The Lamson machine is at present stored in the loft of our building at Kitty Hawk. We will of course make such disposition of it as you may suggest. It is our intention to use our 1902 machine for practice work this year, consequently we would prefer not to sell it at present. Besides we do not see how it would be possible to ship it without first taking it entirely to pieces. It would really be easier to make an entirely new machine than take the old one apart. A machine could undoubtedly be so constructed that it could be readily taken apart and packed for shipment, but we would scarcely be able to enter upon the construction of one before next winter. We are planning rather more work than usual for ourselves this year and would be very loath to permit anything to obstruct it. Next winter we could, if desired, construct a machine for Capt. Ferber, and early in the spring give him practical instructions in the use of it, should he think it advisable to come to America.

Orville & I were glad to learn that your trip was progressing safely and pleasantly, and we shall look forward with much pleasure to the visit which you promise on your return to America.

Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright, April 4, 1903