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Welcome to one of the most comprehensive sites on the web covering aviation history. "To Fly is Everything..." contains a digital library that includes numerous books and articles, mostly dating to the turn of the century. Our photo gallery contains video clips of early craft in flight, and numerous photographs of early planes. The Tale of the Aeroplane provides a brief account of how the airplane was invented. Our inventor's gallery contains a description of various personalities who worked in the field.


Brandon Gant, Mark Jodlowski, Cory Kotowsky, Marsha Lienert, Jennifer Mariani, William Percival, and Joanna Wozniak all employed their considerable talents to make this site a better place. I cannot thank them enough for selfless contributions of time and energy. One of the wonderful perks in being a faculty member is that we get to work with such outstanding students. Thanks for doing a great job, guys! I further want to acknowledge the assistance of our Librarian, Jo Ann Heiser, who has tracked down numerous obscure journals and books. Without her, our digital library would be much smaller and much less interesting. Finally, we have enjoyed the support of the Beckman Viz Lab at many stages of our efforts, including their video digitization software in creating our quicktime movies. Many thanks to all!

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Resources for the development and support this site have been contributed by the Beckman Institute, the Institute of Aviation, and the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois. Naturally, they are not responsible for any errors or mistakes contained herein.


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-- Gary Bradshaw