A VRML model of the 1903 Wright Flyer

Model by Thaddeus Beier
VRML conversion by Timothy Rohaly

Thaddeus Beier, of Hammerhead Productions created a model of the 1903 Wright flyer while working at SGI. This model was created in Inventor format. Timothy Rohaly converted the model to VRML format. Both Thaddeus and Timothy have kindly given their permission for me to mirror their model on this site. My version of Netscape allows me to interact with the model, but it may be because I have a plugin called "Live-3D". If people have trouble viewing the model, please send mail and I'll investigate plugin information for the model.

Download the VRML model (3.4 MB)
The gzipped version of the model (622 KB).

If you are interested in the VRML technology, you may wish to check out the web site Timothy maintains, Virtual Reality Modeling Language.