Psychology of Invention

This page is a gateway to three collections relevant to the theme of the psychology of invention. Specifically, we are concerned with the thought processes that inventors employ to create new artifacts and processes. The psychology of invention is an important form of human creativity.

To Fly is Everything

is a virtual museum that covers the invention of the airplane. The museum features movies, photographs, a large collection of original writings, a database of early craft, and a description of many hopeful inventors.

Visit the Circle of Thought for a brief introduction to cognitive psychology.

Alexander Graham Bell's Invention of the Telephone Michael Gorman and his colleagues have been researching the invention of the telephone, and have developed an excellent graphical site that maps out the ideas and artifacts Bell produced as he worked to create the telephone. Not recommended for text-only browsers.

The Psychology of Science describes the Psychology of Science community, and some of the work and ideas of this group. Although discovery is not the same as invention, there is a great deal of similarity between the two, so you may like to learn about that group.

The Invention Dimension An MIT site designed to provide one-stop shopping for facts and fun about invention and innovation. Check it out.

Finally, a short Bibliography of books and articles relevant to this topic. You will have to drop out of web space to access the material, but your sojourn will be well-worthwhile.

This page is under development. Stay tuned for more information about invention. If you know of relevant sites for inclusion, please send me mail.

Link to Hawaii Home Document including information on automatic speech recognition and some interesting fun photographs

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