Writings of Octave Chanute

Opening Address of the 1893 International Conference on Aerial Navigation, August 1, 1893.

Indiana Dunes Diary, kept by Octave Chanute of his important gliding experiments in 1896.

Chicago Tribune article about Octave Chanute's gliding experiments - June 24, 1896.

Another Tribune article about the Chanute experiments dated September 8, 1896 concerning Butusov's 'Albatross' with a neat artist's drawing included.

Chicago Times-Herald article of Sept. 8, 1897 by a reporter who visited Herring at Dune Park and tried the glider himself. A great description of what it was like to fly a Chanute/Herring glider.

The Westchester Tribune's (Chesterton, Indiana) article of October 3, 1896 that describes Butusov's final attempt to launch the 'Albatross.' Aerial Flights, a report of Chanute's experiments in Indiana. October 31.

From 1896 Aeronautical Annual, Sailing Flight.

From 1897 Aeronautical Annual, Recent Experiments in Gliding Flight. (Missing a few photos)

The Chanute-Mouillard Correspondence from April 16, 1890 to May 20, 1897. Only 12 copies of the English translation of the Chanute-Mouillard correspondence, undertaken at the request of Perl I. Young, were ever published. Thanks to Simine Short, who scanned and converted the text, this important correspondence is now widely available.

Progress in Flying Machines. Chanute's most famous and important work. This book is being brought online slowly. Currently the full text is online, as well as both appendices. Only about 2/3 of the figures have been scanned in, and proofing has just begun. At the moment, I consider this posting to be preliminary. If you find mistakes, please let me know.

Experiments in Flying by Octave Chanute. June, 1900.


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