Wilbur and Orville Wright Papers


8Abbe, Cleveland
Abbot, Charles G.
See Smithsonian Institution, box 49
Abbot, Ernest Hamlin
See Outlook
Ackerman, Carl W.
Adams, Heinrich
Adams, Porter H.
Ade, George
Aero Club of America
Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America
Aeronautical Sciences, Institute of the

9Aeronautics, National Advisory Committee for
See also Subject File, box 60- 62
Aircraft Industries Association
Alexander, Patrick Y.
Alger, Fredrick M.
Alger, Russell A.
Allen, Henry Butler
See also Subject File: Wind tunnel (1901), box 85
Allen, Henry T.
Allen, Hervey
See Miami, University of, box 42
Allen, James A.
American Boy
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Ames, Joseph S.
See also Aeronautics, National Advisory Committee for, box 9
Amundsen, Leon
Army Aeronautical Museum
Arnold, Henry H.
Arnold, (Mrs.) Henry H.
See Army Air Forces Aid Society, box 11
Auslander, Joseph See Kelly, Fred C., box 35
Automobile Club of America

10"Ab-Am" miscellany

11"Am-Ay" miscellany
Bacon, Leonard
Baden-Powell, Baden
Baekeland, Leo Hendrik
Baker, Harry F.
Baker, Newton D.
Barnum and Bailey
Barrett, John
Beach, Stanley Yale
See also Subject File: Wright brothers' flight of Dec. 17, 1903, box 85
Beatty, George W.
Beaumont, Louis D.
Beck, Thomas H.
Bell, Alexander Graham

12Belmont, August
Belmont, Perry
Benét, William Rose
See Kelly, Fred C., box 35
Berg, Hart O.
See also Subject File: Airplanes, patents, etc., negotiations for the sale of (France Germany), box 65-66
Bergdoll, Grover C.
Berliner, Emile
Berliner, Henry A.
Bernays, Edward L.
Besançon, Georges
See L'Aerophile, box 9
Bingham, Hiram
See also National Aeronautical Association, box 43
Blériot, Louis
Bloom, Sol
See Kelly, Fred C., 1942, box 35
Bogert, George Gleason
Bollée, Leon
Bonner, Herbert C.
Booth, Thomas B.
Borglum, Gutzon
Bowling, Elmer J.
Bowman, Isaiah
See American Geographical Society, box 10
Boy Scouts of America
Brace, Donald C.
Bradley Stanley S.
Brancker, Selfton
Brequet, Louis

13Brewer, Griffith, 1915-28

14Brewer Griffith, 1929-38

15Brewer, Griffith, 1939-47
See also Subject File: Airplanes, patents, etc., negotiations for the sale of (Brewer and Son). box 63
Bristol Mark
L. Brookins. Walter R.
Broughton. J. Melville
Brown Elmer E.
See New York University, box 43
Burgess, Gelett
Burgess Company and Curtis
Burns James A.
Burt, Reynolds J.
Bush, Vannevar
See also Aeronautics, National Advisory Committee for, box 9
Butler, Nicholas Murray
Byrd, Richard E.
"Ba" miscellany

16"Be-Bu" miscellany
Cabot, Godfrey L.
Calderara, Mario
Caldwell, Otis
Capper, John E.
Case, Frank

17Cawthra, Victor
The Century Magazine
Chambers, Washington Irving
Chandler, Charles Deforest
Chanute, Octave
Chapin, Roy D.
Chenery, William L.
See Collier's, box 18
Chicago World's Fair
Clapp, Verner W.
See Library of Congress, box 37
Clayton, Henry Helm

18Clemens, Cyril
Coffyn, Frank T.
See also Early Birds, box 23
Cohen, William W.
Cole, Cyrenus
Colgate, Gilbert
Colgate, Richard M.
Collier, Robert J.
Collins, A. Frederick
Colt, Samuel G.
Compton, Karl T.
See Massachusetts Institute of Technology, box 39
Conant, James B.
See Harvard University, box 31
Conover, Harry
Constant, Destournellos de
Cook, Harvey Weir
Cooper, Henry Allen
Cooper, Kent
See Associated Press, box 11
Cooper, Myers Y.
Cordley, Frank R.
Cornu, Paul
Cox, James M.
Cram, Ralph W.
Crane, C. K.
Crane, Zenas
Cudahy, E. A., Jr.
Curry, Charles F.
Curtiss, Glenn H.
Curtiss-Wright Corp.
Cushman, Allerton

19"Cab-Coe" miscellany

20"Col-Cu" miscellany

21Dabney, Charles William
Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the Promotion of Aeronautics
Daniels, Josephus
See also Cox, James M., box 18
Davenport, Russell
Davey, Martin L.
Davies, David
Davis, Dwight F.
Davis, Richard Harding
Davison, F. Trubee
Dawes, Charles G.
See Chicago World's Fair, box 17
Dayton Art Institute
Dayton Chamber of Commerce
Dayton Wright Co.
De Bothezat, George
Deeds, Edward A.

22De Lambert, Charles
Dern, George H.
Dexter, Robert E.
Diamond Chain and Manufacturing Co.
Dienstbach, Carl
Dollfus, Charles
Doolittle, James H.
Doubleday, Russell
See Doubleday, Page & Co., box 23
Douglas, Donald W.
Dreiser Theodore
Driscoll, Charles B.
Durand, Georges
Durand, William F.
"Dac-Day" miscellany

23"De-Dy" miscellany
Eaker. Ira C.
Earhart, Amelia
Early Birds
Edge, Walter E.
Earhart, Harold E.
Edison, Charles
Edison, (Mrs.) Thomas A.
Edison Institute
Edwards, Gus
Egerton, Maurice

24Ehringhaus, John C. B.
Elliott. Henry Wood
Emmons. Delos C.
Engelhard, Paul
Engineering and Industry, National Museum of
Engineers' Club
Essary, Jesse Frederick
Estopinal, Leonidas B.
Etheridge, Adam D.
Evans, Luther H.
See Library of Congress, box 37
"Ea-Ey" miscellany

25Fales, Elisha N.
Farley, James A.
Fauber, William H.
Ferber, Ferdinand
Fess, Simon D.
Fessenden, Reginald A.
Filene, Edward A.
See Boston-1915, box 16
Findley, Earl N., 191436

26Findley, Earl N., 1937-48
Findley, John H.
Fish, Frederick P., 1912-20

27Fish, Frederick P., 1921-30
Fiske, Haley
See Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., box 41
Fitzgerald, Roy G.
Fleet, Reuben H.
Foch, Ferdinand
Foltz, Charles S.
Ford, Edsel B.
Ford, Henry
Fordyce, Arnold
Foulois, Benjamin D.
Franklin Institute
Freedman, Andrew

28Freudenthal, Elsbeth E.
Funk & Wagnalls Co.
Funkhouser, Charles A.
"F" miscellany
Gardner, Gilson
Gardner, Lester D.

29Garrison, Lindley M.
George V, King of England
Gibbs, George S.
Glidden, Charles J.
Goddard, Robert H.
See Clark University, box 19
Greenslet, Ferris
See Houghton Mifflin Co., box 33
Griffin, Anthony J.
Grosvenor, Gilbert H.
See National Geographic Society, box 44
Guggenheim, Daniel
Guggenheim, Harry F.
"G" miscellany

30Haldane, Richard Burdon
Halsted, Arthur
Hammer, William J.
Hammond, John Hays
Hanfstaengl, Franz
Hapgood, Norman
See Harper's Weekly, box 31
Harding, Warren G.
Hare, James H.
Hargrave, Laurence
Harlan, Byron B.
Harper Illustrating Syndicate
Harris, Frank
Harris, William 1.
Harwood, Van Ness
Haskell, Henry J.
Hauck, Arthur A.
See Maine, University of, box 41
Hawes, Harry B.
Hawley, Alan R.
Hayes, Ralph
Hays, Will H.
Hearst, William Randolph
Henderson, Archibald
Hensel, H. Struve
Hildebrandt, Alfred
See also Subject File: Wright brothers' flight of Dec. 17, 1903, box 85
Hitchcock, Frank
Hix, Ernest
Hoare, Samuel
Hoey Clyde R.
See also Morgan, Thomas A., box 42

31Holt, Hamilton
Honeywell, Harry E.
Hoover, Herbert
Hoover, J. Edgar
Hopkins, Harry
See National Inventors Council, box 43
Homer, Henry
Howe, Jacob
Howe Quincy
See Simon and Schuster, box 49
Hoxsey, Arch
Huffaker, Edward C.
Hughes, Charles Evans
Hunsaker, Jerome C.
See also Aeronautics, National Advisory Committee for, box 9; and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, box 39
Huntington College
Hyde, William D.
"Hoa-Har" miscellany

32"Has-Hog" miscellany

33"Hol-I" miscellany

34James. W. Frank
Jeffrey, Harry P.
Jenkins, Thomas A.
Jewett. Frank B.
Jewett. Rutger
Johannsen, Albert
John Fritz Medal Board of Award
Johnson, Louis
See American Legion, box 11
Johnson, Robert Underwood
See also The Century Magazine, box 17
Jones, Ernest L.
Jones, Jesse H.
"J" miscellany

35Kabitzke, William
Kaempffert, Waldemar
See also Rosenwald Industrial Museum, box 47
Kaiser, Henry S.
See Gardner, Lester D., box 28
Kane, Joseph Nathan
Kehler, Richard von
Kelly, Clyde
Kelly, Fred C.
See also Subject File: Hargrave, Laurence, box 71

36Kendrick, W. Freeland
Kettering, Charles F.
See also National Inventors Council, box 43; and U.S. Patent Law Sesquicentennial, box 55
King, Ernest J.
Klemin, Alexander
Klyce, Scudder
Knabenshue, Roy
Knerr, Hugh J.
"Ka-Kn" miscellany

37"Ko-Ku" miscellany
Laemmle, Carl
La Follette, Philip
LaGuardia, Fiorello H.
Lahm, Frank P.
Lahm, Frank S.
Lambert, Albert B.
Lanchester, F. W.
Landis, Reed G.
Land, Franklin K.
Langley, Samuel P.
Langner, Lawrence
See also National Inventors Council, box
Larsen, Roy E.
See March of Time, box 41
Lasky, Jesse
La Valette, Henri de
Lawson, Alfred W.
Lent, Leon B.
Lewis, George W.
Library of Congress
Lilienthal, Gustav
Lilienthal, (Mrs.) Otto
Lindbergh, Charles A.
Loening, Grover C.
See also American Olympic Committee, box 10
Loewe, Isadore
Longheed, Victor
Longworth, Nicholas
Lorimer, William
Lowell, A. Lawrence
See Harvard University, box 31
Ludlow, Israel
Lynn, David
"Lac- Lo" miscellany

39"Lu-Ly" miscellany
Maas, Melvin J.
Macauley, Charles R.
McClure, Samuel S.
McCutcheon, John T.
MacFadden, Bernarr
MacKaye, Percy
McKenzie, William P.
MacLaurin, Richard C.
See Massachusetts Institute of Technology, box 39
McLean, Angus W.
MacLeish, Archibald
See Kaufman, Enid, box 36, and Library of Congress, box 37
MacMonnies, Frederick
McSwain, John ].
Manly, Basil
Manly, Charles M.
Manufacturers Aircraft Association
Manville, T. Frank
Marcosson, Isaac F.
Marshall, George C.
Martin, Glenn L.
Marvin, Charles F.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Maxim, Hudson
Maxwell, Perriton
See Leslie's, box 38
Mayo, Charles H.
Means. James
Meloney, Marie
Men With Wings, Association of
Merkel, Otto
Merrill, Albert A.
Mertins, Louis
Midgette Walter W.
Midgley, Thomas, Jr.

40Milam, Carl H.
See American Library Association, box 10
Millet, Josiah Byram
Millikan, Robert A.
Milling, T. DeWitt
Mingos. Howard
Mitchell, William
See also Gardner, Lester D., box 28
Moedebeck, Hermann W.
Moffett, William A.
Moore, Willis L.
Morehouse, Samuel C.
Morehouse, Ward
Morgan, J. P.
Morrow, Dwight W.
Morse, Sherman
Murdock, Victor
Mussolini, Benito
See Gardner, Lester D., box 28
"McA-McI" miscellany
41"McK-Mey" miscellany

42"Mia-My" miscellany

43National Aeronautical Association
National Cash Register Co.
National Inventors Council
Nelson, John M.
New York University
Newton, Byron R.
Nimfuehr, Raimund
Nocquet, Paul
Norman, Henry
Northcliffe, Alfred C. W. H.
Noville, George 0.
"Na" miscellany

44"Na-O" miscellany

45Page, Arthur W.
Page, F. Handley
See also Royal Aeronautical Society, box 47
Parmelee, Philip 0.
Payne, Kenneth W.
Pepper, Claude
Pershing, John J.
Peterson, J. Hardin
Phillips, John S.
See American Magazine, box 10
Piersol, James V.
Poling, Daniel A.
See Allied Forces for Prohibition, box 10
Post, Augustus
See also Aero Club of America, box 8; and Early Birds. box 28
Post, James D.
Prittwitz und Gaffron, Friedrich Wilhelm von
Pulitzer, Joseph
Pulitzer, Ralph
Putnam, George P.
"Pac-Pey" miscellany

46"Pf-Q" miscellany
Ralston, Samuel M.
Reber, Samuel
Reece, Carroll
Reed, Daniel A.
Reed, Thomas R.
Reichel, Frantz
Reid, Whitelaw
Rentschler, Gordon S.
Reynolds, ]. N.
Richardson, Holden C.
Rickenbacker, Edward V.
Rinehart, Howard M.
Roberts, Roy A.
Robinson, H. Mansfield
Robinson, Joe T.

47Rockefeller, Winthrop
See Air Youth Development Fund, box 10
Rodman, Selden
Roe, Alliott Verdon
Rolls, Charles S.
Ronald, Malcolm B.
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Roosevelt, Theodore
Roosevelt, Theodore, Jr.
Root, A. I.
Rosenwald Industrial Museum
Rotary Club of Dayton
Routzohn, Harry N.
Royal Aeronautical Society
Russell, Frank F.
Ryan, Oswald
"Ra-Rei" miscellany

48"Rel-Ry" miscellany
Sabine, Wallace C.
Saltzman, Charles M.
Sawyer, Ernest W.
Schneider, Herman A.

49Science Museum
Sciences, National Academy of
Scientific American
Scripps, William E.
Sedgwick, Ellery
See American Illustrated Magazine, box 11; and Subject File: Smithsonian Institution dispute with, box 83-84
Seiberling, Willard
Selfridge, Thomas E.
Sharp, William G.
Shawl Harry
Shea. William E.
Shepherd. William G.
Sherrill. Charles H.
Shobel, Charles J.
Short Brothers
Sikorsky, Igor 1.
Simon and Schuster
Sinclair, Upton
Sloane John E.
Smithsonian Institution

50Spaatz, Carl
Sperry, Elmer A.
Spratt, George A.
See also Foltz, Charles S., box 27
Springmann, H.
Squier, George O.
Stassen, Harold E.
Stefansson Vilhjalmur
Stone, Harian F.
Stout, Wesley W.
See Saturday Evening Post, box 51
Stratton, Samuel W.
See Massachusetts Institute of Technology, box 39; and Subject File: Aeronautics National Advisory Committee for, box 60-62, and Wind tunnel (1901), box 85
Straus, Nathan, Jr.
See Puck, box 46
Sullivan, Mark
See also Subject File: Wright brothers' flight of Dec. 17, 1903, box 85

51"Sac-So" miscellany
52"Sp-Sy" miscellany
Taft, Charles P.
Taft, William Howard
See also Subject File: Smithsonian Institution, dispute with, box 83-84
Tait, Frank M.
Tate, William J.
See also Kelly, Fred C., 1940, box 35
Taylor, Charles E.
Taylor, Francis Henry
See Metropolitan Museum of Art, box 41
Teale, Edwin W.
See Popular Science Monthly, box 46
Terral, Tom J.
Thayer, Edwin P.
Thompson, William Hale
Thurston, Robert H.
Tissandier, Paul
Todd, Frederick
Torrence, Ridgely

53Toulmin, Harry A

54Truman, Harry S.
Truscott, Starr
Turner, Roscoe
Twining, Nathan F.
"T" miscellany
Udden, J. A.
U.S. Army

55U.S. Board of Ordnance and Fortification negotiations and correspondence
U.S. War Department
Upson, Ralph H.
"U" miscellany
Van Loon, Hendrik Willem
Vought, C. Milton
"V" miscellany
Walcott, Charles D.
See Aeronautics, National Advisory Committee for, box 9
Walker, John Brisben
Wallace, DeWitt
See Kelly, Fred C. (1943), box 35; and Reader's Digest, box 47
Warner, Edward
Warner Brothers pictures
Warren, Lindsay C.
Washington, Booker T.
Watson, Thomas J.
Weaver, Henry M.
Weiller, Lazare
Welsh, Arthur L.
West, James E.
See Boy Scouts of America, box 12

56Western Society of Engineers
Westover, Oscar
Weymore, Alexander
See Smithsonian Institution, box 49
Wetmore, Edmund
Wheeler, John N.
White, Burdette S.
White, Henry
Whiting, William F.
Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany
Williamson, Pliny W.
Wilson, Charles E.
See General Electric Co., box 29
Wilson, Woodrow
Winterich, John T.
See American Legion Weekly, box 11
Wood, Gar
Wood, Grant
See Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Chamber of Commerce, box 19
Wood, Henry A. Wise
Wood, Henry T.
Wood, John Walter
Woodhouse, Henry
Woolf, Samuel J.
Wright, Burdette S.
See Curtiss-Wright Corp., box 18
Wright Aeronautical Corp.
Wright-Martin Aircraft Corp.

58"Wac-Wig" miscellany

59"Wil-Y" miscellany
Zahm. Albert F.
See also Smithsonian Institution. box 49
"Z" miscellany
Unidentified correspondence

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