Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright

Chicago, February 20, 1908

I received your letter of 3d just as I was leaving for Kansas City on business and have had no time to write sooner. I regret to find that our views still differ as to the eventual business outcome of your procedures.

I note, however, that you have been awarded a contract to furnish a flying machine to our government for $25,000 and that you say that you have assurances from the U.S. War Department relieving you from fears as to the bond. I hope that you will have as great a financial success as the mechanical success which I expect you to attain.

I believe that you do not do full justice to Mr. Turner for the McClure article. He wrote me that he had endeavored to be as exact as possible and to add nothing of his own to what you actually said. If he has misrepresented you, why do you not write to him?1

I have never seen copies of your patents. Kindly give me their numbers and dates and I will send for them. Kindly send me also 5 or 6 copies of your second paper to Western Engrs. (August 1903) as I am completely out.

1 Chanute wrote Turner on February 8, saying that Wilbur Wright was back in the United States and asking: "What does [he] say about your article?" On February 10, Turner replied that he had heard nothing so far from Mr. Wright, that he had attempted unsuccessfully to locate him in Europe, and that, if Chanute had not looked over the article beforehand, he would have hesitated to print it.

Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute, March 8, 1908