Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright

Chicago, October 16, 1905

I returned from the seashore about a week ago, my daughter having improved in health through the trip. I have your letter of Sept. 17th.

I fancy that you will have soon a visit from the British expert.1 He seems, from the enclosed clippings to have been waiting for the tests of the Marinaki airship,2 but as this was destroyed on the 4th inst. he must now be loose footed.

I find here a number of French publications which I will bring down when I visit you. Notably a lecture by Capt. Ferber, who has credited to me the statements made in the German article, and writes to apologize on the ground that he did not like to give credit to the Germans. He also says that he is falling into disfavor at Chalais Meudon, and is not likely to get an appropriation to build his motor machine.

The last issue of the Aerophile contains an article by Goupil, figuring that the Archdeacon aeroplane needs a motor of 40 horsepower to fly, and as it cannot carry the weight of this I fancy that Mr. Archdeacon is brought to a pause.

1 The visit did not materialize. See ICU of Wright Cycle Co. to Col. H. J. Foster, Nov. 25, 1905.

2 A small dirigible, 13 meters long, with a 6 H.P. motor, designed by a Greek, Athanasias Marinaki. The clippings sent by Chanute have not been identified.

Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute, October 19, 1905