Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute

Dayton, March 26, 1905

Your letters of March 16th have been rec'd. Many thanks for the original English of the passage of the Moedebeck handbook. We wished to set up a claim that the word verziehen, i.e., distort, did not necessarily imply a "twisting" movement, and thought it well to make sure that you had used some other word than "twisting" in the original. I think we will win out unless the German examiner is unreasonable and stubborn. The only part of the chapter on aviation which we have in English is the section headed " Computations. "

It is quite true that the formula wv/ac is neither complete nor exact, as both terms in the denominator vary at different speeds; but as the screw becomes more efficient as the velocity increases, the bad effect of increased head resistance is largely counteracted and the formula remains approximately correct. A complete formula would probably cover a whole page.

I notice that you say that wings are more efficient than screws because they "utilize the currents produced by the upstroke." I am at a loss to understand how this can be.

The fact that we already have a camp at Kitty Hawk would give that place a preference over the Dune Park grounds. Our chief objection to the Huffman Prairie grounds is not the lack of seclusion but the lack of room. We need a place where we can start at the building and fly in any direction.

Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright, April 4, 1905