Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright

Chicago, May 26, 1904

I am glad to know from your letter of 20th that the indoor tests of your machinery have resulted so well, and I am anxious to come down to see your first flights.

Unfortunately some questions, important to my wood preserving business, have come up in a bunch to detain me, and I do not know how soon I can dispose of them.

Santos Dumont has broken his 60 H.P. motor and must make the race with 40 H.P. He accordingly cabled to have the speed limit reduced to 15 miles an hour, and this has been granted with conditions stated in enclosed clipping, which says that he accepts them. He seemed to be inclined to withdraw when his motor broke. No other man with the least chance of winning has yet entered the lists at St. Louis, and the management realizes that it will have to allow entries to be made subsequent to June 1st.

I am glad to see that the newspapers have not yet found you out. I hope your luck will continue and I ardently wish for your success.

Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute, May 27, 1904