Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright

Chicago, August 14, 1904

I have yours of 8th, and I feel gratified that you are approaching a success, for I feel confident that once you get a good start you will make a phenomenal flight.

Avery has made little progress towards his proposed gliding experiments. He was bluffed by the gasoline hoist men from whom he tried to hire an engine. They wanted to sell one, and my absence from home stopped negotiations.

I go down again to Paris, Ill., tonight, and will not be back till the last of the week.

Aeronautics are languishing at St. Louis. Even those who have paid their entrance fees are not coming forward with their machines, and Mr. Myers has been let go as there was nothing for him to do.

I hear nothing from Europe and I can only hope that the present lull is the precursor of a breezy time in aeronautics later.

Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute, August 28, 1904