Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright

Chicago, September 12, 1903

I have yours of 9th inst. Mr. Cabot, of Boston, bids me to congratuIate you, and I send you his letter, which please return.

I also send a translation of a letter from Capt. Ferber, which you can keep.1 1 have not received the paper to which he alludes but fancy the text is not important.

I have a letter from Mr. Alexander, saying that he expects to be in this country the last week in October. He told me in London that he might go to Japan. Have you heard from him? I have not led him to believe that he would be welcome to see your experiments, and nobody knows, from me, what you propose to do this year.

I am really sorry for Langley. He has had more than his share of mishaps, and the pesky reporters are giving him the reputation of a bungler.

I have here a little nest of dishes and cups for camping purposes. If it can be of use to you it is very much at your service.

8 1 Ferber to Chanute, Aug. 28, 1903. The paper alluded to was Armee et Marine, Aug. 2, 1903, in which an announcement and photograph of Ferber's "power machine" were published.

Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright, September 18, 1903