Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright

Chicago, October 24, 1903

I have your letter of 16th upon my return from southern Illinois, and it is with very pleasant excitement that I learn of your success and expected future developments.

The delay in your preparations may enable me to be present at your trials. I now expect to leave here on Nov. 1st and go to Washington, where I have other business. I will stop at the New Willard's Hotel. Please advise me there by letter or wire whether to visit you. Do not hesitate to say so if you would rather not have me come, and give me also your views as to a visit from Mr. Alexander. He wrote me that he would sail from Cherbourg on the Kroprinz Wilhelm, which is due in New York on the 27th. I am writing him to meet me in Washington, which he doubtless intends to visit, but I have not advised him that you are at Kitty Hawk, nor hinted at your plans, so he will not be aggrieved if he is not invited.

It is a marvel to me that the newspapers have not yet spotted you.

[P.S.] Best respects to Orville and Dr. Spratt.1

1 Chanute enclosed the following clipping from an unidentified newspaper: "Washington, Oct. 24. The Army Board of Ordnance and Fortification, when it meets on November 8, will take up the question of allotting additional funds to Professor. S. P. Langley for his plan of mechanical flight.

"Professor Langley will make to the Board a report of his recent experiment. An additional report will be made by Major Montgomery M. Macomb of the Artillery Corps.

"Major Macomb was designated by the board to observe the test of the Langley flying machine."

Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute, December 28, 1903