Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright

Chicago, July 17, 1903

I have your letter of 12th, and thank you very much for the table of average results of your glides. Please advise me for what particular surface they are calculated?

I have also that of 14th, and thank you for corrections. I will write to the Revue des Sciences to change the depth of curvature to 1/25 of breadth.

Kindly advise me as soon as possible:

How is the vertical tail operated? I fear that it will not do to strike out the clause altogether, and you did not desire that the warping of the wings should be mentioned at all.

I will later on write to you concerning the computation of glides.

Have you seen that Prof. Langley is about to test his mancarrying machine?

Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright, July 20, 1903