Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright

Chicago, May 15, 1901

I have your letter of 12th inst. When you send for my anemometer please say which you want, as the English one is now loaned to Mr. Huffaker in Tennessee.

I quite approve of the dimensions of your proposed machine. The drift proper, i.e., the support, is the same at a fixed angle of incidence whatever the extent of surface, only the speed varying, but the head resistance does vary and diminish with lesser speed.

My article was to have been out in Cassier's Magazine this month, but has been delayed, as I surmise, by nonarrival of some photos sent for abroad.

I am planning a trip East, and may be able to stop over and see you. When would be the best time?

Wilbur's response, May 17, 1901