Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright

Chicago, November 23, 1900

I thank you much for your letter of 16th which I have found deeply interesting, and I congratulate you heartily upon your success in diminishing the resistance of the framing and demonstrating that the horizontal position for the operator is not as unsafe as I believed.

I shall hope to meet you, either here or at Dayton, to obtain further details, and to compare calculations of lift and resistances. If your machine is not irrevealable I should much like to see it.

I have lately been asked to prepare an article for Cassier's Magazine, and I should like your permission to allude to your experiments in such brief and guarded way as you may indicate.

I need scarcely add that I shall expect with impatience the further letter which you announce.

Wilbur's response, November 26, 1900