5A2 Lilienthal glider, 1895. LC-W85-127.
5A3 Lilienthal glider, 1895 LC-W85-128.
5A4 Keiter "blackmail" envelope. LC-W86-130.
5A5 Keiter "blackmail" letter. LC-W86-129.
5A6 Keiter letter. LC-W86-131.
5A7 Keiter letter. LC-W86-132.
5A8 Keiter letter. LC-W86-133.
5A9 Keiter letter. LC-W86-134.
5A10 Keiter letter. LC-W86-135.
5A11 Keiter "blackmail" document, power of attorney. LC-W86-136.
5A12 Keiter document, power of attorney. LC-W86-137.
5A13 Keiter letter, part one. LC-W86-138.
5A14 Keiter letter, part two. LC-W86-139.
5B1 Keiter forgery. LC-W86-140.
5B2 Keiter forgery. LC-W86-141.
5B3 Keiter forgery. LC-W86-142.
5B4 Keiter forgery. LC-W86-143.
5B5 Scipio, Orville's dog. LC-W86-144.
5B6 Scipio. LC-W86-145.
5B7 Scipio. LC-W86-146.
5B8 Scipio. LC-W86-147.
5B9 Scipio. LC-W86-148.
5B10 Scipio. LC-W86-150.
5B11 Scipio. LC-W86-156.
5B12 Scipio. LC-W86-157.
5B13 Scipio. LC-W86-158.
5B14 Scipio. LC-W86-159.
5C1 Trophy, Muse of Aviation, given to Wilbur And Orville Wright by Aero-Club de la Sarthe, Le Mans, France, 1909. LC-W86-167.
5C2 Trophy, Muse of Aviation. LC-W86-168.
5C3 Trophy, Muse of Aviation. . LC-W86-172.
5C4 Trophy, Muse of Aviation. LC-W86-173.

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