Kitty Hawk and Other Locales

The Library of Congress Wright Microfiche contains 76 photographs of various locales, including 40 photographs from Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills. These have been grouped by locale and year to expedite access.

Kitty Hawk, 1900 (18 photos)
Kitty Hawk, 1901 (7 photos)
Kitty Hawk, 1902 (3 photos)
Kitty Hawk, 1903 (4 photos)
Kitty Hawk, 1908 (6 photos)
Kitty Hawk, 1911 (2 photos)
The House on Hawthorn Street (9 photos)
Dayton Disasters (6 photos)
Scenic Photographs (12 photos)
The Wright company plant, Dayton (4 photos)
Hawthorn Hill (5 photos)

For most photographs, the image was scanned from a copy of the Library microfiche, and is of modest quality. We are upgrading the images whenever possible. A bold description indicates the photograph has an improved source.

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