Octave Chanute to Wilbur Wright

Chicago, July 3, 1901

I have your letter of 1st, and am much gratified with the consideration which you exhibit towards my share of expenses. I forward your letter to Mr. Huffaker. As you do not say at what time you would prefer him to arrive, or the route, I wish you would drop him a line concerning those points. Address E. C. Huffaker, Chuckey City, Tenn.

As to Mr. Spratt, I do not know whether he can go. He wrote me June 26th that harvest work was beginning to crowd him, and he would give up experiment for a while. I will write him today, and offer to defray his expenses. I will be compensated by the pleasure given to him, even if I do not utilize him hereafter. I think he is discreet concerning other people's ideas. Huffaker I consider quite reliable. I mention this as you told me you have no patents.

I have a letter from Carl E. Myers, the balloon maker, stating that a Mr. Whitehead has invented a light weight motor, and has engaged to build for Mr. Arnot of Elmira "a motor of 10 I.H.P. to weigh with supplies for 2 hours and accessories about 30 lbs. as estimated." It is to be hoped that it will "mote." Mr. Myers talks of applying it to his "Skycycle."

Kindly write me from Kitty Hawk, at what time you would prefer a visit from myself, and the best route. Also your address, so that I may write if my engagements interfere.

I think you will need a clinometer, and if I find one downtown, I will send it to you by express. Please accept it with my best regards.

Wilbur's response, July 4, 1901