Wilbur Wright to Octave Chanute

Kitty Hawk, July 26, 1901

We reached Kitty Hawk several days later than we expected owing to the greatest storm in history of the place. Anemometer cups gave way at 93 miles per hour so that is highest speed recorded. After a dry spell of 7 weeks the storm was followed by rains for a full week. This has delayed us beyond expectation, both by preventing us from working at times, and especially by compelling us to devote a large part of our time to fighting mosquitoes which are the worst at this time (owing to the rains) the oldest inhabitant has ever experienced. You should by all means bring with you from the North eight yards of the finest meshed mosquito bar you can find, as the bar here is too large to keep them off at night. Except for mosquitoes our camp life has been pleasant but exciting at times.

We expect to have our machine completed today as only a few little details remain to be finished.

Mr. Huffaker arrived a week ago, and Mr. Spratt last night. Your best route when coming will be via Nags Head.

[P.S.] If convenient it would be well to send down another tent as we find that we will probably be crowded a little.

Telegram from Chanute to Wilbur, July 29, 1901