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The Invention of the Airplane

The digital library of flight is maintained as a part of our sister site, "To Fly is Everything..." and contains the largest online repository of aviation-related material. Here are some access points to this collection.


Material in the Digital Library indexed by the source of publication. Convenient for finding articles in magazines, journals, or books.


History as it happens! An index of material organized by the publication date, beginning in the 1500's with an article by Da Vinci, and closing in 1912 with Wilbur's last written article. I'm planning to add material in the public domain that appears after that date, but conversion is slow and time is short.


An easy way to access the major authors represented in the library, but many articles printed at the time were anonymous, so this area provides fewer links than do the other sections.

Gary's Picks

Don't have time to read through several books and dozens of articles? Try my short list!

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